A system that can switch and record multiple cameras live,
             That can also add in Adobe graphics, animated Alpha Transitions, and live mixed audio,
                       And record  directly to a SSD drive in HD dvd/Blu-Ray format,
              All this,  AND stream simultaneously on the internet.

Introducing STUDIOCASTER....

StudioCaster is the ultimate live event recording system.  With 5 SDI/HDMI camera inputs, VMIX software, and BlackMagic Design Hardware, All this is possible, plus we've upgraded our software to accept internet feeds and live video, Live keying software, and MORE!  This is the perfect system for recording concert events, live seminars, sporting events, and distance learning courses.  And now, we can offer this for a fraction of the costs!  Literally anybody can now afford this amazing system!


With  DVD offsetting,  literally this exclusive system is available with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE to you!  We can record and produce DVD's and Blu-Ray discs, market and sell your event, and offer a Pay Per View option that cover our costs, WE DO all the legwork, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy YOUR show!

Stuff You Shoud Know...

Our StudioCasting system is a professional system using Vmix software, Broadcast quality 3CCD HD cameras, Professional audio equipment, and Broadast quality recording devices.
We also provide a full production crew and require at least 3 hours setup time.
Internet streaming requires Ultra-fast connection, and we can provide MI-FI internet streaming for an extra charge.
DVD offsetting requires a guarentee of 100+ sales of dvd’s or blu-rays, otherwise client is responsible for additional purchases to make quota.
Average cost of service is $1500 to $3000, depending on clients needs.
Crew consists of Director/TD operator, 2 Cameramen, Audio Engineer, and Production Supervisor.